5 Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

motivationToday is a rough day. I can’t seem to get off dead-center. I need to get to work but I can’t seem to find that inner motivation that I have come to depend upon. And right now, this is a huge problem because I don’t have a spare moment to waste. So what do I do?

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get a different perspective.  So, let me turn this around.  What would I tell someone if they asked me to help them get motivated? Good question… and somewhat easier to answer since it’s them, and not me!

5 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

I waited to write this to see what it was that got me going this afternoon. Basically, it all boils down to “5 Ways to Get Motivated Again,” and here they are:

  • #1 Act with Purpose

  • When we were preparing for the mission field, we heard time and again that if we clearly knew our calling, it would be there to help us through the tough times we would undoubtedly go through on the mission field. It was true. Life takes on meaning when you have purpose. Everything you do then fits into the context of the purpose, and when you see that, you can begin to move forward.
  • #2 Accept Responsibility

  • Just as it is easy to accept credit when things go well, it is equally as easy to find excuses when we’re stuggling. Human nature I guess.  But, responsibility is not about taking credit or finding excuses. It is all about taking the next step. Be determined to accept responsibility and move ahead.
  • #3 Take Small Steps

  • Now that you have purpose and are determined to move ahead, it’s important to get momentum. Get moving. Take action. Often at this stage, perfectionism sets in and becomes impossible to gather any steam. The best way to handle this is with small forward steps as you move to complete a project. In many cases, a “done” project is better than “perfect” project.
  • #4 Take Care of Yourself

  • Many times we are “stuck” because we’re hungry, exhausted, emotionally drained, etc. Take the time to take care of yourself. Spend some time in prayer. Turn you anxieties over to God. Ask for His wisdom.  Also, choose your meals wisely.  Fruit is better than the afternoon donut. Take a 20 minute power nap! Get some exercise. Go for a brisk walk. Learn to listen to your body and you’ll always have the energy you need.
  • #5 Hang Out with Other Motivators

    This is vital. We are the company we keep. This may be in the form of people, tapes, or books. Take a moment to read the Bible. Listen to a good sermon or motivational talk. Have a good book to read. Ideas are endless here. Be creative. Learn from others. Draw from them, and then take it to the next level.

You see, it doesn’t take much to turn your day around.  I had a tremendously productive afternoon after stopping for a moment and going through these steps.  Give these 5 ways to get and stay motivated a try and let me know how they worked for you!  Have a great day!!!

Discussion Question:

What are some ways that you have used to get, and stay motivated?


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