Are You Safe In The Comfort Zone?

sailboatSome of us really like living in our comfort zones.  You know, that daily dose of TV, some Rocky Road ice cream, and a lot time to “chill.”  We deserve it!  We were made for this lifestyle! Or so we think…

I think the reality is that we know we can’t always live this way, yet, some of us think it is a “right” that we possess.

Somehow, I like to think that we are more like a ship.

And you know what?  Ships are not built to sit in the harbor!  They are made to sail the seas.  That’s where they are tried, and tested, and show what they can do!

We’re the same way.  Our comfort zone is our harbor.

I would venture to say that the “harbor” is not the safest place for us.  This is where we “bog” down in our lives.  We tend to seek that which is comfortable, that which we know, and that which gives us a false sense of pleasure.  This is where we get into ruts.  And and as you know, someone once described a rut as “a grave that was open at both ends.”

It’s easy to get trapped in this rut, this daily routine, this mere existence of boredom.  And once here, we feel unfulfilled.  And eventually, we feel trapped.  There are three basic elements that tend to keep us from escaping from the mundane.

  • Laziness – A lot of people know what they should be do, but they never quite muster up what it takes to do it.  The comfort of eating, surfing the internet, playing video games, etc. is too alluring.  And it’s numbing them of the self-initiative to do what it takes to break out of the rut.
  • Fear – Unfortunately, there is that sense of security in doing that which we know.  We are more comfortable living in mediocrity than we are living an adventure.  Don’t let the fear of trying something new keep you down.  There is nothing so tragic as asking, “What could have been?”
  • Force of Habit – Habits can be good.  But I’m referring here to the unhealthy patterns of our lives that we keep playing out.  They are the dead end routines, the self-sabotaging actions, the excuses we offer as to why we cannot do something.

There has to come a time when we say enough is enough!  When we just tell ourselves to just plain, “Stop it!!!”

Choose the Unknown

I have carried a piece of paper in my wallet for years that I tore out of a church bulletin.  It’s a quote by Anne Morrow Lindberg from “Gifts From the Sea.” It simply says,

“We tend not to choose the unknown, which might be a shock or a disappointment or simply a little difficult to cope with. And yet, it is the unknown with all its disappointments and surprises that is the most enriching.” – Anne Morrow Lindberg

What she wrote there resonates with me, and I know it must with you as well.  There is something fulfilling and enriching in your life when you step into the unknown and see what doors God will open up ahead of you.

5 Steps You Can Take To Start Living the Life God Wants You To

  1. Identify the unhealthy “comfort zone” habits in your life.  Make a list, write them down.  It could be eating, TV, or games.  I might even be something that is “good” that you do in order to escape what you know God is calling you to do.  We often hide in doing comfortable things so as to not have to do more challenging things.
  2. Identify the positive, empowering alternatives that God is showing you. – It could be anything… spend time with the family, start a new ministry, talk to your neighbor, share the gospel with your mechanic, or buy a ticket to Argentina!  Who knows!
  3. Say an honest prayer!  “What would you like to see me do God, through you?”  God will honor this!  And keep praying. It’s an ongoing process.
  4. Commit to doing something right now.  Don’t put it off.  Take a step right now, before you leave the room.  Take that first step, whatever it might be.  For example, set an appointment with your pastor or missions director to discuss some options.
  5. Create new habits in your life.  Drop the habits that are draining your life.  Form new ones that are invigorating and challenging!  Set higher standards for yourself.  And raise your own expectations as to what God is going to do through you!

Living in the comfort zone will never satisfy us in the long run.  Give your life to God and know that He has some exciting things in store for you!  Let God stretch you.

Discussion Question:  We would love to hear what God might be doing in your life.  How has He challenged you to get out of your comfort zone and live the greatest of adventures with Him?

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  • char  says:

    I loved this blog post! It has so much truth and so much to learn from! Thank you for sharing, Ill get to it now :)

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