Be The Best Missionary The World Has Ever Seen!

missions opportunitiesThere are so many opportunities for you today in missions. I know older missionaries that went overseas by boat. Some went with the idea that they were going for life! Today, we can hop on a plane and be almost anywhere in the world in a day! And just because of that, your opportunities are endless.

Imagine yourself playing soccer with some street kids in Brazil… Or traveling by canoe up a river to a village that’s never heard the gospel… Playing your guitar at the park in Seville, Spain with people stopping to listen… or giving free English lessons on a university campus in Beijing!

Missions is not as complicated as you might think.  In fact, if you’re a Christian, you were created to live a missional life!  But, don’t worry. We’ll get into that in later.

For now, we’ve put together a bunch of articles that we know you’re going to love. Each one is designed to take you to a new place in your walk with Christ, help you break out of your comfort zone, and live a life that makes a difference! Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Here’s what I want you to do first.

1. Send me a message through my contact page describing what you’re doing right now, and what your biggest challenge is.  I want to hear from you!

2. Add us on Twitter and Facebook. I think you’ll find plenty of mission motivation on both.

3. Sign up for our posts via email so you won’t miss a thing!  When you do that, you’ll get a FREE copy of my “Quick Start Guide to Prayerwalking” cheat sheet!

We’ve been brainstorming and have a list a mile long.

We want to tackle every mission topic imaginable!  We’ll cover things like the pros and cons of short-term missions.  The benefits of long-term missions. The best ways to raise support to go to the mission field.  Which mission agency to choose.  We’ll get into culture and anthropology. We’ll even give you tips for learning a new language.  We’ll even cover how to use a coke bottle to make a 55 watt light  bulb for your house!

And if if you have any questions, or if there is something you want to see covered, let us know.  Our desire is to do all we can to help you!

Well, there’s a lot to do, so if you’re ready, let the journey begin!

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