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Be The Best Missionary The World Has Ever Seen!

missions opportunitiesThere are so many opportunities for you today in missions. I know older missionaries that went overseas by boat. Some went with the idea that they were going for life! Today, we can hop on a plane and be almost anywhere in the world in a day! And just because of that, your opportunities are endless.

Imagine yourself playing soccer with some street kids in Brazil… Or traveling by canoe up a river to a village that’s never heard the gospel… Playing your guitar at the park in Seville, Spain with people stopping to listen… or giving free English lessons on a university campus in Beijing!

Missions is not as complicated as you might think.  In fact, if you’re a Christian, you were created to live a missional life!  But, don’t worry. We’ll get into that in later.

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5 New Trends That Will Affect Missions

new challenges in missionsWe received a package recently from a Girls in Action* group in Darlington, SC. Oh, and by the way, we love packages! But this particular one really made me think.

In it were handmade cards with heart-felt notes including, “Help the Marlins witness to people in Sao Paulo, Brazil” and “Help them in traffic that is bad!” I chuckled, but I really do want to see answers to those prayers!

New Mission Trends and New Challenges in Missions

As I pondered these cards, I wondered what missions would hold for these kids as they grew older. In my life, I’ve already seen huge changes take place in missions. I can only imagine what changes they’ll see.

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Making the Most of Life in the City

mindless-peopleI found this mural one day while doing research in an area of the city called Santo Amaro. In this mural, life in the city is well represented.  People mindlessly go about their daily routines just like little wind-up toys.

The first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this were of existentialism and despair, and the natural human tendency to just accept the status quo. Ruts and routines!  Anyone that has lived in the city knows what this is like. Our goal is to penetrate into these mindless routines, these patterns that have people so trapped.


Life in the City: Challenges and Opportunities

The biggest challenges that we face for reaching people in the megacity for Christ are also our biggest opportunities. The endless masses

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Megacity Missionaries: Undermanned and Overwhelmed


Sao-Paulo2My burning passion is missions.  But the truth is, I’m tired.  Living in the city grates on you, and this city is huge.  It is impossible to get a handle on every detail regarding such a sprawling 29,000,000 person metroplex.  Greater Sao Paulo is about 3,000 square miles of urban spaghetti, or at least that’s what it looks like when you’re flying in at night.

There are parts of the city that would require a full day just to get there and back… not to mention, having time to do something while there.

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True Prayer: The Greatest Need Today

How high is “prayer” on your list of priorities? How important a role does it play at church? My guess is that it falls way down near the bottom of the list, if it’s there at all!  I hope I’m wrong.  If I am, tell me so in the comments section.  I’d love to hear that prayer is a top priority in your life or in the workings of your church.  But if it isn’t, read on, because the lack of prayer doesn’t exist in a vacuum!


Prayerlessness, by it’s very nature leads to a whole list of other issues. Really, if we stop and think about it, many of our problems can be traced back to whatever the motive is for us not praying! Sometimes we just don’t want to admit that we need God’s help. Other times, we don’t want to admit God even exists.  Someone that prays is acknowledging both!

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