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Are You Safe In The Comfort Zone?

sailboatSome of us really like living in our comfort zones.  You know, that daily dose of TV, some Rocky Road ice cream, and a lot time to “chill.”  We deserve it!  We were made for this lifestyle! Or so we think…

I think the reality is that we know we can’t always live this way, yet, some of us think it is a “right” that we possess.

Somehow, I like to think that we are more like a ship.

And you know what?  Ships are not built to sit in the harbor!  They are made to sail the seas.  That’s where they are tried, and tested, and show what they can do!

We’re the same way.  Our comfort zone is our harbor.

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7 Keys to Achieving a Goal in Your Area of NON-Expertise

non-expertiseMy friend and I recently spent the day in meetings with pastors, church leaders, and seminary professors.  And I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the ability of my colleague, whose doctorate is in missiology, as he shared his vision and fielded questions in the area of Theological Education.  His expertise on the subject was evident!

I believe everyone is an expert in some area.  But I got to thinking.  Many of our goals lie in areas that we are unfamiliar with… and definitely not experts.  For example, how many of us have asked a teenager to help us set up our cellphone?

Expertise Exists

Expertise exists in every area.  We all know that.  The mechanic we take our car to is an expert at diagnostics and repair.  Our family physician is an expert at what he does.  The gardener we occasionally use when our yard begins to resemble the Amazon jungle is an expert too (and charges accordingly)!

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5 Components of Great Questions!

QuestionsI just began another journal, and every time I begin a new Moleskine journal, I start out by writing 100 questions.  Questions about life, about God, about my goals, family, etc.  The first 25 or 30 questions are fairly easy, both to write and to answer.  The rest really cause me to dig deep, to ponder, to probe and to probe some more.

Questions Do Make a Difference

I truly believe that one of the main differences in people and what they accomplish in life lies in the ability to ask good questions.

Robert Kennedy said the following in 1968, “Some men see things as they are and ask ‘Why?’ I dream things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’”

I’ve always liked this particular quote.  There are things we don’t see because we ask the wrong questions.  Our minds focus on the ‘why?’ and not the ‘why not?’

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5 Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

motivationToday is a rough day. I can’t seem to get off dead-center. I need to get to work but I can’t seem to find that inner motivation that I have come to depend upon. And right now, this is a huge problem because I don’t have a spare moment to waste. So what do I do?

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get a different perspective.  So, let me turn this around.  What would I tell someone if they asked me to help them get motivated? Good question… and somewhat easier to answer since it’s them, and not me!

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