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25 of the Most Memorable Leadership Quotes by Martin Luther King Jr.

martin_luther_king_jrI was living near Mobile, Alabama on the day that Martin Luther King Jr., was assassinated.  Back then, the very mention of his name stirred everyone… in one way or another.  Today, with 48 years of hindsight and through his legacy, speeches, and quotes, we are compelled to gratefully acknowledge the great and positive imprint Martin Luther King Jr. left upon our world.

The NSA Was Even Around Back Then

Such were his speeches that his impact could not be ignored.  Interestingly enough, he caused enough waves that the National Security Agency (NSA), which is currently in the news for spying, monitored MLK’s communications through their “Minaret” program!

MLK’s Impact – Cause for Celebration

Today we choose to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, one of our more recent federal holidays.  It’s a reminder of the life and achievements of one of our most influential American civil rights leaders. 

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Megacity Missionaries: Undermanned and Overwhelmed


Sao-Paulo2My burning passion is missions.  But the truth is, I’m tired.  Living in the city grates on you, and this city is huge.  It is impossible to get a handle on every detail regarding such a sprawling 29,000,000 person metroplex.  Greater Sao Paulo is about 3,000 square miles of urban spaghetti, or at least that’s what it looks like when you’re flying in at night.

There are parts of the city that would require a full day just to get there and back… not to mention, having time to do something while there.

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